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Omniactive produces and distributes plant extracts intended for manufacturing and marketing of natural health products. The company offers several of these extracts under its own private labels (aka Specialty Actives), but also as basic ingredients (aka Botanical actives). OmniActive thus acts as a wholesaler to businesses that provide natural health products to consumers.

Archipel was tasked with completely reshaping OmniActive’s visual identity and that of its entire line of products. One goal was to ensure better consistency on international markets as a whole. The assignment also included the overhaul of the company’s website in line with its new look, as well as the reorganization of information by grouping OmniActive’s branded products and generic ingredients, which were previously divided in two separate websites.


A significant restructuring process was undertaken. Starting from OmniActive’s existing image, its visuals were purged to bring them closer to the natural character of the company’s products.


Other achievements