Business as casual: a reflection of Montreal’s business landscape


Startup Montreal

The main goal of Startup Montréal is to promote and reinforce the global presence of Montreal’s and Quebec’s startup ecosystem by highlighting its assets and achievements during national and international events. In spite of its potential, this community is often underestimated versus others in Canada and around the world.


Archipel was tasked with boosting the visibility and appeal of Montreal’s and Quebec’s startup ecosystem to international stakeholders interested in technological innovation. Montreal and Quebec had to be positioned as prime destinations in terms of investments and partnerships in the startup and innovation fields.

Beyond developing a unique identity for the province’s startup community, the agency had to provide brand ambassadors with tools so that they could bring sphere-of-influence diplomacy to their field.

To boost the visibility of Montreal’s and Quebec’s startup ecosystem, Archipel worked closely with Startup Montréal, the Ministry of International Relations and the City of Montreal to develop a bilingual communications platform.

This initiative aimed at promoting state-of-the-art industries within the local startup sphere and reinforcing its global reputation.

Highlighting Montreal’s friendly atmosphere as well as its casual approach to business, the platform’s tagline was “Business as casual”. It included dynamic illustrations, an animated video and communications media for Startup Montréal’s ambassadors.

Other achievements