Clearing the way for next gen RV’s


Next RV

Next RV is a product that literally travels off the beaten track and sets itself apart by its one-of-a-kind mix of boldness and rationality, of technology and nature.

As this budding start-up was getting its marketing efforts off the ground, it had to take a strong position. The hope was to engage the target audience in a niche market that reflects Next RV’s founder and his fellow extreme adventure enthusiasts, who have a keen eye for frontier technology.

To develop the visual identity and brand personality for this brand new product category, which is here to address the needs left unmet by an already wide range of recreational vehicles. This was an opportunity to gain a strong foothold.


Having seen, touched and admired the prototype, after taking it off the road and grasping its potential, the brand’s position asserted itself naturally: bold, adventurous, pioneering even.

This defined both the starting point and the cornerstone for painting Next RV’s image, the coming together of two seemingly distant worlds to form a unique, high-end vision.

Other achievements