Lest we forget


The funeral co-op of Greater Montreal

The funeral co-op of Greater Montreal – the CFGM (Coopérative funéraire du Grand Montréal) – was looking to boost its visibility and reputation in the wider metropolitan area. In spite of its distinctive cooperative values emphasizing dignity and humanity, the CFGM was often omitted from discussions when it came to choosing funeral services, families often opting for other funeral homes.

Faced with this challenge, the CFGM tasked Archipel with bringing to light its one-of-a-kind cooperative identity and its values focused on respect and fairness when providing funeral services. Archipel was charged with making the public aware of how important it is to choose a funeral co-op and positioning the CFGM as the main option for those seeking funeral services with empathy and compassion for others.


To address the increasing need for reinforcement of the CFGM’s presence in Greater Montreal, Archipel developed a television campaign titled “Pour que la mémoire vive”, which loosely translates to “Lest we forget”.

Broadcast on TVA and LCN during the fall of 2023, this 30-second advert highlighted de CFGM’s commitment to community solidarity during periods of mourning.

By underscoring the importance of the mourning process and encouraging reflection regarding community support, this campaign aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of how important it is to choose a funeral cooperative that values collective well-being and stands by families through difficult times.

Other achievements