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The context


Enjoying a loyal clientele of affluent individuals looking to ensure the integrity of their estate from one generation to the next, David Forest Financial Services were nonetheless in need of a revitalized vision and image in order to ensure the company’s long-term viability.



The challenge


The brand rested to a significant degree upon the personality and wealth of confidence of its founder, David Forest himself. We therefore had to transfer David Forest’s private brand equity to that of the company, all the while remaining loyal to his values and honouring his rich legacy.



The mandate


In order to increase the firm’s desirability in the eyes of its current and prospective clients, employees and partners, we were determined to modernize the brand’s image with the aim of progressively unlinking it from David Forest’s personal brand.
We performed a website overhaul and developed an arsenal of communication tools, in addition to establishing the brand’s digital presence.

The idea


The approach consisted in creating a communications ecosystem that would transport visitors to a high-end, modern universe with clean lines, one that is powerfully evocative of prestigious institutions while still conserving certain symbols and distinguishing features of the company’s original identity.

The execution


Changing the name on the logo clearly illustrates the whole redesign process. In a spirit of upward mobility synonymous with prosperity, even the stunning typography used for the logo enhances its successful appeal.

The three trees from the original logo were reprocessed and distilled to their essence, taking on triangular shapes symbolizing continuity, stability and growth all at once, in addition to supporting the Forest name.

Photography was used to emphasize the company’s personable, accessible and welcoming side, revealing a corporate culture vouching for its own success in a
comprehensive and evocative manner.

In terms of messaging, the direct conversational tone used reflects the customized nature of services provided, but also the firm’s profound expertise and quality relationships forged with clients.

Art that inspires


By teaming up with world-famous Quebec illustrator Sébastien Thibaut (The Economist, The Financial Times, The Globe and Mail), a series of original works was sketched, in an homage to David Forest the art lover. These illustrations afford the brand a great deal of prestige.

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