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The context


A new addition to the Collectif Brassicole Ensemble, which includes the labels Loop, Boldwin, Des Cantons and Vagabond, the Tangram Brewing Company needed to avail itself of a brand identity that would set it apart within the highly competitive landscape of Quebec’s microbreweries.

The idea

The brand’s personality is directly inspired by Tangram, a centuries-old game in which seven geometrical pieces are assembled to create various shapes. The number of possible results is infinite, just like with beer, which ceaselessly reinvents itself according to the ingredients combined to brew it. The brand’s signature, “La bière sous toutes ses formes” (“Beer in all its forms”), perfectly embodies this association of ideas. 


Graphically, Tangram opted for a kind of retro visual universe, playful just like its namesake. Bright, primary colours were selected, with a touch of woodsy, earthy textures, bringing to mind the hops used to make beer, as well as the innate naturalness of beer. Tangram cans feature different combinations of the eponymous puzzles. Each beer is clearly distinguishable on the basis of its colour, nickname and tangram shape.

Product names have also been chosen to follow a common theme, that of animals and local expressions, the latter highlighting the 100% localness of Tangram beers. Research was conducted regarding each beer’s origin, taste and style, to pinpoint the animal or assertion that best expresses the brew’s attributes.

Four Tangram beers are currently on the market, all of which are IPAs. Their names? Ours mal léché (loosely, “grouchy bear”), Cheval de Troie (“Trojan horse”), Poule mouillée (loosely, “wimpy chicken”) and À pas de tortue (“at a snail’s pace”).


Three new products are in development and will be added during the fall of 2021 and in 2022.

Beer being a popular element of many social occasions, Archipel did a photo shoot to illustrate the product in this context, as well as the lifestyles and clientele associated with it.

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