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Tireland, part of Groupe Touchette, is a network of member garages that offer exemplary service and a vast tire inventory. As winter approached, the brand wanted to stand out from its competitors to Quebecers, especially right before the winter tire deadline.



The objective


Develop brand awareness among vehicle owners.


The insight


Purchasing and installing tires generates little excitement among vehicle owners since it’s something they are obligated to do.

The idea


Since tires aren’t exactly considered an exciting topic on their own, we decided to give the experience a touch of the extraordinary. We set the action in a garage where two characters, mechanics Mario and Dan, perform their magic every day.

The Tireland Magicians



Creative executions were developed for TV, web and social media, as well point of sales material for Ici Pneu member garages.



During the campaign, there were 2.3 million video views, 76,000 website visits and 18,000 clicks to call. Through these interactions, Ici Pneu’s brand awareness among vehicle owners rose from 3% to 19% in early 2019.

this campaign was awarded a
in the category "film campaign"

Driving conversion through emotion


Unlike typical communications from garages, our ads use humour and elements of the fantastic and absurd to win over audiences. They were enjoyed by 80% of the people surveyed and set the brand apart from the competition, creating the brand awareness it was lacking at the start.

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