Website overhaul



Following a few years of service, Walmart’s Accès pharma website had technological limitations that were slowing the progression of the brand’s digital platforms. An overhaul of the consumer website became crucial, as well as that of the extranet, which is required for managing pharmacies.



The goal


To reinforce the feeling of proximity between pharmacists and their clientele. As for the extranet, the goal was to make its content more relevant.


The idea


To wholly redefine the user experience, both on the consumer platform and the extranet.



First of all, to customize content as per various profiles. New users, current customers, pharmacists and employees were thus able to view navigation, calls to action and overall content that were tailored to their needs and browsing patterns.

In order to reinforce the feeling of proximity, we also made sure that the pharmacist was present all along the user experience. Not only did this enable users to access their pharmacy’s information at all times, their experience was further tailored depending on services available and events held at their pharmacy.

Content was likewise improved, advice and health records put forward in context and as per various times of the year. Detailed inventory of content and SEO made it possible to organize all content in a manner intuitive for users.


Moreover, the website’s design was redone in order to give it more human characteristics, all the while respecting the professionalism that is expected from pharmacists. And that is how the new, airier site came about, punctuated with pictures evoking a cozy atmosphere.

Lastly, the extranet was entirely redesigned to improve user experience. Among other things, the new interface includes dashboards tailored to meet various roles within a pharmacy, e.g. as soon as they log on, pharmacist-owners are shown all of their business’s performance indicators, such as sales, whereas employees can view their training progress as well as alerts to any new documentation that affects them.



Launched at the beginning of October 2019, results are expected shortly.

We managed to convert through the forces of emotion


Armed with a site customized to its users and its pharmacies, pharmacists and patients alike are now closer than ever, even from a distance.

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