A network of about 70 affiliated pharmacies, Accès pharma chez Walmart locations are situated within Quebec’s Walmart superstores and are operated by pharmacist-owners. After using a celebrity spokesperson to increase brand awareness in previous campaigns, Archipel Creative Synergy is accompanying Accès Pharma in a transition aimed at differentiating the brand in its market.

The mandate


After having successfully established its notoriety among the Quebec population with the use of a spokesperson, Accès pharma was looking to set itself apart from a relatively uniform market and emphasize the services provided in pharmacies.

The idea


The new brand signature, « Ça change tout » (“It changes everything”), reflects the fact that it is at once possible to benefit from solutions that address common health problems while receiving an array of services from one’s pharmacist-owner. To support this claim, Archipel created a highly imaginative visual universe: colourful, somewhat comical, featuring mostly the two colours associated with the brand’s identity. The campaign uncovered absurd situations and adopted a humorous tone to showcase how customers can take advantage of the distinct service offer provided by Accès pharma chez Walmart.


Four fifteen-second videos were used to prove just how an Accès pharma pharmacist-owner can be our ally, getting people out of seemingly catastrophic situations, simply by providing complete solutions and services – all under one roof.

With the same playful tone used in the video ads, the radio spots used two contrasting situations to show how a visit at Accès pharma can change everything.

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A behind-the-scenes peek: The whole team went to great lengths to bring the concept to life.

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