During the spring of 2021, rapid changes in the whole of society and in today’s working world caused Archipel to reflect on the best way to optimize its work environment. After 15 years spent in Old Longueuil, the agency decided to move its offices to a redesigned space in Saint-Lambert.

The mandate


To inform the industry, our clients and partners of this important change in Archipel’s evolution. By settling into its new offices, the agency redefined itself, opting for a structure aimed towards flexibility and remote work in line with current business practices. The challenge lay mostly in making relocating interesting, when in fact, the act of moving remains a fairly mundane activity.

The idea


At the heart of the concept are people. In true Archipel spirit, it was above all about moving people, talents, personal histories and valuable expertise.


Essentially a visual campaign, it adds an unexpected dose of quirky humour by featuring aspects of relocating that are familiar to us all, i.e., the (sometimes comical) clumsiness and negligence of moving companies. Archipel staff members can be seen, tightly wrapped up, turned upside down or wedged in the arms of their movers, in otherwise realistic backgrounds.

The Archipel makes a move campaign was mainly rolled out on social media, supported by a media relations blitz highlighting recurring visuals.

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