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To mark its 40th anniversary, the Montreal Marathon decided to get a makeover and carve a whole new brand identity. By renewing its brand image, this legendary event, firmly imprinted in Montreal’s history clearly articulates its purpose: to be a unifying sporting event, where people, their health and their enjoyment are at the heart of the experience.

The goal


To restore the Montreal Marathon’s nobility and the notoriety that, until very recently, made it one of the world’s premier sporting events.

The mandate


To review the Montreal Marathon’s visual identity and integrate that of its partner, Beneva, so that together, they can coexist in a consistent and impactful brand ecosystem, one that can, above all, stand the test of time.

The inspiration


As a tribute to the rich sporting legacy of the City of Montreal, the Marathon’s identity overhaul mostly drew inspiration from the visual codes and graphics used for the first editions of the Montreal Marathon, but also those of the Montreal Olympics back in 1976.

The idea


The logo features an updated version of the pictogram with two runners joined in action, a symbol of the event’s universality. The idea of movement is expressed using a series of vibrant strips of colour, where the use of yellow lifts the brand’s identity by channeling a luminous, joyful and contemporary spirit.

Completing the colour yellow, purple was used inasmuch as it is Beneva’s key brand colour. As the major partner for this event, Beneva was encompassed in synergy and in a breath of modernity with the Montreal Marathon’s platform, which strives to be vibrant just like its host city.

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