The « Épatante patate » (“Helluva potato”) was looking to renew its online platform in order to highlight Quebec’s potatoes, a staple comfort food that is deeply embedded in Quebec’s culture. The point was also to highlight the work of our very own potato packers and producers.

The goals


– To tickle people’s taste buds by sharing inspiring and appetizing recipes.

– To communicate the benefits of the potato and its different varieties.

– To pay tribute to potato producers, putting a face to the name of those who grow this “helluva vegetable”.

The idea


The site now features three main sections:


« L’Épatante patate » — A user experience presented as a game that lets people discover the potato’s nutrients, varieties and methods of preparation, no matter its shape and colour.

Épatantes recettes (“Helluva potato recipes”) — Section revamped in order to delight and entertain consumers during their culinary experience.

L’Épatante histoire (“Helluva potato history”) — Testimonials from Quebec’s potato packers and producers who toil all over the province, shedding light on folks who often work in the shadows but who deserve recognition.

We drove conversion through emotion


By highlighting our very own potato ambassadors, i.e., our homegrown producers and packers, and by upgrading the user experience and making it more fun, the brand-new « Épatante patate » website invites Quebecers to reconnect with their most beloved vegetable.

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