The context

For the past 13 years, Archipel has worked with Quebec’s association of potato packers and producers, the AEPTQ, to defend the “helluva” potato’s place at our tables.


The new annual campaign reconnected with the known signature, « C’est plate pas de patate » with the objective of giving the beloved spud a younger, more up-to-date image. Back by popular demand, messages were voiced by the anything-but-boring Katherine Levac to reach out to young adults.

The mandate

To revive the potato’s image and debunk myths and false perceptions that sometimes plague this root vegetable.

The idea

To dispel false beliefs about the potato by using humour to “level the field”, so to speak.

Fun and appetizing videos

« L’Épatante patate » partnerships

Media partnerships were secured in order to position the potato in an urban context, for example in Ricardo’s print magazine and website, but also along with Quebec’s turkey and veal farmers as an advertising sponsor of Occupation Double, a reality show much watched by the target audience.

Influencers and culinary content creators at the forefront

An influencer campaign was also deployed on social media. Urban influencers like Chloée Deblois, Raphaëlle Roy and Folks and Fork integrated the spud in their daily lives or shared their spin on traditional potato recipes.

Behind the scenes

Our team displayed a lot of ingenuity to show the potato at its best!

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